Wildwood Cemetery offers a variety of interment options to reflect each family’s desires and wishes.

Traditional Burials: At Wildwood you may purchase grave spaces singly or in groups of any size to match your needs.  Currently Wildwood has various areas of the cemetery to choose from.  When purchasing a grave space perpetual care is included in the price.  Wildwood also has several “prime locations” available which are set aside as areas just for one family.  You may schedule a time to visit our office and our staff will show you available areas or simply stop in. Call our office for current pricing.

Crypt Burials: Wildwood Cemetery currently has 3 community mausoleums where individual crypts can be purchased.  Crypt burial allows traditional interment in an above ground manner.  Wildwood recently finished construction of a 3rd mausoleum and those units are now available.

Cremation Burials: Cremation burials are permitted on traditional grave spaces and there are also areas of the cemetery set aside just for cremation burials.  There are also other interment options available for cremations.

Niche Columbariums: Niches can be purchased individually or as a companion niche.  Two new niche cabinets have recently been installed at our Praying Hands Mausoleum complex on Wildwood Boulevard and are available for purchase.  Call our office for current pricing.

Urn Garden: Wildwood Cemetery’s Garden of Memories is an urn garden where the cremated remains are interred within the bronze marker and can accommodate two interments.

Individual Family Niche Columbariums:
Wildwood will soon be offering this product.