Wildwood Cemetery Co. was incorporated in 1863 when a group of prominent Williamsport citizens envisioned the possibility of a beautiful cemetery, which would be carefully planned and beautifully landscaped.  The lands acquired west of the present entrance were thickly wooded and suggested the name “Wildwood.”

A committee consisting of Robert Faries, John M. McMinn, Peter Herdic, William H. Armstrong, and George White, was appointed to lay out the original plots.  Engineers McMinn and Faries visioned not the cemetery of their day, but the cemetery of the future.  The plan presented was so complete and satisfactory that incorporation was suggested and effected.

From its inception, the development of Wildwood has been intelligent, progressive and persistently in accord with the purpose of its Board of Directors, of making it in every way a cemetery in which the local community should and could take deepest satisfaction and justifiable pride in paying tribute to loved ones sleeping within its borders.

Many prominent Williamsport citizens are at rest in Wildwood Cemetery and those same citizens were instrumental in the planning and development of the cemetery.  Wildwood has a very rich and proud history and we are available to present a program on the history of Wildwood to your group or organization.  Call our office for details.