Rules and Regulations

Wildwood Cemetery takes pride in the appearance of the grounds and takes great effort in maintaining our beautiful cemetery.  Certain rules regarding decorations and plantings must be followed in order for us to properly maintain the grounds.  Wildwood Cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations and plantings that do not conform to the following rules.

Flowers: Cut flowers are permitted in plastic or metal containers and should be placed in front of or next to the memorial.  Glass vases or containers are not permitted.  Potted flowers should be placed in front of or alongside the memorial.  Plantings of live flowers are permitted as long as they are in front of the headstone extending no more than 12 inches and do not interfere with adjoining lots.  Planting or decorating the length of the grave is prohibited.  There are many deer in the cemetery and they have often eaten many flowers planted on graves.  Wildwood Cemetery is not responsible for watering any plantings or for deer damage.

Trees and Shrubs: The planting of any type of tree is prohibited.  Certain shrubs are permitted depending on the size of the lot and the type of shrub desired.  Prior to planting any shrubs permission must be obtained from the cemetery office.  For more information contact our office.

Other Decorations: Artificial wreaths and similar decorations are permitted, provided they are placed within 12 inches of the memorial and do not become too numerous and unsightly.  Glass or ceramic objects are not permitted and the Cemetery will not be responsible for broken or damaged ornaments.  Benches are not permitted.  Benches are only permitted if they serve as the actual monument on the grave and must conform to Cemetery regulations. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any objects that do not conform to these rules.

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove at anytime, any plant, decoration or shrub that becomes unsightly, interferes with an adjoining lot, becomes infested or diseased, or does not conform to these regulations.  The Cemetery shall take reasonable precautions to protect the property of lot owners in the cemetery, but assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any flower, shrub, decoration, vase, urn, or anything of a moveable nature, from causes beyond its reasonable control.