Wildwood Cemetery offers a variety of burial options as a lasting memorial for you or a loved one. Our beautifully landscaped 340 acres provides a serene setting as a final resting place.  Our caring and professional staff can assist you with any questions you may have regarding interment options.  We currently offer a 20% discount on all burial properties when paid in full at time of purchase.  Call our office for current pricing.

For those desiring traditional burials, grave spaces are available in single, double, and larger family lots throughout the cemetery.  Individual Mausoleum Crypts are available at the Praying Hands Mausoleum complex located on the west side of Wildwood Boulevard for individuals desiring traditional  above ground interment.  The newest mausoleum has recently been completed along with beautiful landscaping.   All forms of memorialization purchased include perpetual care.

For those desiring cremation, our Garden of Memories section located high on top of  East Wildwood  provides a peaceful setting with spectacular views as a lasting memorial for yourself or a loved one.  The Garden of Memories includes an Urn Garden for in ground interment of cremated remains, and Niche Columbariums for above ground interment of cremated remains.   We have recently finished the construction of two new niche columbariums along Wildwood Blvd. located at the Mausoleum complex.  Traditional family lots may also be used for the interment of cremated remains.

Wildwood Cemetery and Crematorium is a non-profit corporation founded in 1863 to serve the residents of Williamsport and the surrounding communities.  Wildwood has a rich and interesting history and takes pride in serving the community with professional and dignified care.   Our experienced and caring staff can further help you with your pre-need or time-of-need services.

Call us at (570) 323-8421. We will be glad to discuss all of our available services.